Thursday, July 12, 2012

No more dummies!

Sorry about the lack of updating, I was doing so well, and then I got a little behind around Mother's Day and then I became overwhelmed with how far behind I was, so I just have to start somewhere.

So we were on vacation in Quebec City last week, hopefully I'll have some entries on that soon, and I guess Shane had finally had enough of Lily's pacifier obsession. For months now she has been demanding 3-4 to take to bed with her (one for her mouth, one for insurance, one for each hand...she likes to rub her arms and face with them) and she'll fight with Darcy to get one out of Darcy's mouth if it's one she wants. This is not an ordinary dummy (what we call the pacifier) addiction. It's full on. This is why I hadnt even broached the topic. They calm her, they put her to sleep, why do we want them taken away? The problem is she talks and looks much older than a 2 year old, so I think Shane was starting to be aware of what it looked like, especially because we only have the 0-6 month size, so they look pretty silly in her mouth.

So much digressing in this story, sorry!!

So back to Quebec, one night When Lily was demanding her dummies, Shane just kept explaining to her over and over again that she was a big girl and big girls don't use dummies. He would point out that Darcy uses a dummy and Darcy is a baby. Is Lily a baby? She would of course say no, and he would say, then you don't need dummies! I was floored that it actually worked! The first few days she would ask for them, and put up a little fight, but we just held fast, and now, a littttle over a week later, she doesn't even ta about them except to say "when I was a baby I had a dummy in my mouth" I think she's very proud that she kicked he habit too:) Even when she sees one laying around the house, she'll run it right over to Darcy. Im so proud of my little girl!!

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marisaj said...

Way to go Lily! I thought the day would never come.! I bet Darcy's stoked too!!!